AMD buldozer slide leaked

Asus leaked bulldozer slideOk, more rumors flying around the web about AMD and their upcoming processors. Yep, I thought the horses were beaten into extinction too. Now the guys over at, they are good at following the PC hardware industry, as they follow with a microscope. Today they posted info on a leaked slide detailing AMD’s upcoming Bulldozer chips.

A slide leaked out of ASUS? As more and more attention is being drawn towards ASUS, the manufacturer of the elusive EeePad Transformer, does the company have to start cracking down on who they let in their front door? The culprit that leaked the slide apparently was at one of ASUS’s in-house demo’s. The slide that was leaked details support info of the manufacturers upcoming motherboards and what type of processors will fit in them. Four processors, one quad core, one 6-core and two 8-cores, woot.

What is interesting enough is that the culprit masked off the clock/turbo core speeds. Said slide list’s part numbers, core count and TDP. One can speculate that this was done to keep the identity of the leaker anonomous, but it just may be a in-house attempt to gas up tech reporters and the industry while remaining in line with any confidentiality agreements with the processor manufacturer.

Some of the guys at the ZOL forums have made their guesses at the clock speeds by looking at the remaining outlines of what seems like a 5second Microsoft paint erase job. If they are right and the slide is not a hoax, then we will all be looking at 125watt 8-core processors with stock clocks of 3.8ghz and 4.2ghz (turbo core) for the flagship CPU and a 95watt 8-core with 3.6 and 4.0ghz turbo’ed for the next in line.

Sounds interesting and I would love to see these in the market, but I don’t think AMD will take the performance crown from Intel for many many years to come if at all. Smells of a semi well contrived marketing attempt to gain focus on the company’s other plans.


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