Asus and WP7

Look out Apple, Microsoft wants to take the the market that you created, and it looks to be well on its way. The phone pictured above is Asustek’s e600, running the WP7 OS. Yes this phone is the device we have all been seeing floating around for decades and still havent had the chance to go pick one up at our local Bestbuy. So what, its just another Windows phone 7 device. By the time it releases nobody will care.

The phone while still in preproduction is still worth noting. Although it may not be able to contend with the likes of samsung and htc, this is the begining of what what I think will put apple back on the back burner. Why you ask? Well..

1. First off, why did Microsoft win the PC war. Customization and options.

2. Although Apple is on high horse, its just been kicked in the face by a search/advertising company. Why? Customization and options.

3. Apple and Microsoft, both software company’s (no, apple is not a hardware company, “foxconn” etc. is). Btw, both the companys have been kicked in the face by a search/advertisement company, with a Platform that is so fragmented and buggy that it seems to be going the way of Microsoft. Solid software and sexiness can only get you so far. Customization and options.

4. Sexiness. Ahh sexiness. Apple is the “man” right now, the life of the party, young, intelligent, popular and sexy. But.. Nokia+Microsoft, that’s the equivalent of the the ex that cheated on you and just crashed the party. Sexier than hell, has a bigger d*ck and will do anything to get you back. Oh wait all of a sudden there are options and the ability to “customize”.

5. Although Asus may not be the flea that makes the dog scratch itself to death, it just goes to show that there is great engineers and designers outside of the Apple camp who are just as hungry.

6. Windows phone 7 is a proper phone OS, Better than iOS? Just wait till the devs fill up that market.

7. Developers. Dev’s like money too, and you know that they are working on it right now.

Anyways, back to the picture. The Asus phone. Not going to be the phone that kills off the iphone and quite honestly I most likely wont be getting one when its released. But more importantly, it gives consumers another option. Options for consumers, guess what average consumers do when they are looking to pick up a peice of new tech? They go ask their “techie” freinds for advice. I will definately tell said consumers to go check out what Asus has to offer before the iphone. Not because its may or may not have the better os, not because its sexier, not because its more useful, but because its the little guy that cares about quality and end user experience, with a good design team to boot. I guess they had me after all the superior mobo’s that have given my life so much joy.

But anyhow, thanks to apple for creating this wonderful market of touchscreen doodads. I am properly enjoying my cheapo android phone.


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