BTCGuild down from ddos attack.

btcguild landing page ddos


So it seems that someone is pissed off at The popular bitcoin mining pool went under a DDoS attack sometime late 07.05.2011 and has been down since. The site only had around 700 miners running around noon of 07.06 and that was only from the USeast server. As of right now as I am writing this, 10ish pm 07.06, it looks as if the servers are just down till the DDoS attacks stop. They are saying that the attack is most likely retaliation from a banning of a mining botnet. Some crazy folk are obviously speculating that the government and or banking industry have something to do with it, some folks are even saying that bitcoinplus has something to do with it, who knows, I just want this junk up and running.

The site’s has put up a subdomain with timelines stating what is going on and they are currently working with their ISP to get things squared away. So until they get the whitelist or blacklist up and going, it looks as if you are going to put those ati/amd cards to work somewhere else for now. From the looks of things though, it looks as if it may be down for a great while.

For all of those who would like to keep tabs on what is going on with the site, follow this link here. It is to the the former page where the site mgr’s are posting the info and timelines of what where and why. So until then, keep those cards on the hustle, or finally play some Crysis2 lol.


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