Iphone 5 official launch date?

what does the iphone 5 look like maybe


For all of you apple fans out there, it looks like you guys may need to have your pennies saved for a August launch for the Iphone 5. What I am hearing from the grape vine is that at&t has a vacation blackout for employees starting August 19th through September 10th.

What people around the web are speculating is that this vaca blackout is to accompany the launch of apples next iphone. Regardless, months from its normal annual lauch date, it looks as if Apple is the company that is now playing catchup. Making the phone in which it needs to keep pace with the likes of Android. Who would have thought 2 years ago. So with the few months of extra waiting, we better be seeing something magical from the apple camp, and I am not talking about just a faster processor and the hardware likes.

So August 19th. Ahh, if only the phone pictured above ran android..

Here are some pictures of what some people think the iphone 5 should look like.



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