Motorola atrix gingerbread 2.3 update!

For all you early tegra 2 adopters out there, you are well aware of the android 2.3 update just released for your phones. One thing you may not know though, is that although you may have heard that the update is not OTA (over the air), the update is indeed, confirmed by myself, rolling out OTA from at&t. So if you are weary of actually going though the process of hooking your device up to your pc to to get the thing thing updated, no worries (im sure none of you are), you are just a few clicks away from having a pain-free 2.3 update on phone.

Today I was at work staying extremely busy. Being one of two working the night shift, (labor efficiencies are extremely low do to the fact that Apple could not deliver an iPhone 5 on time like every other year…) I was overwhelmed with customers awaiting my expertise. After selling a few Nexus S 4g’s to a couple, I greeted the next customer, a early 30′s woman and a very young man in need of assistance with his 2 week old Atrix 4G they had just picked up from one of my co-workers. It’s not sending or receiving picture messages the young man said, and beyond all logic I ask if he upgraded to 2.3 (because that would most likely fix his problem right? lulz). Of course he did not upgrade to gingerbread, but he did say that he heard about it, which made me smile inside (99% of people don’t think of these things as little computers, they think they are still phones. wuts a update?). Regardless of the MMS not working, I check to see if any updates were available from when it came out the box. Of course, after checking for ota updates there indeed was a update available, I click the update details button.

BOOM!!!! android 2.3 available wtf!! Wifi only? What ev, I took the trusty Tmo vibrant, put it in hotspot mode and started downloading the update. Several minutes later the 161MB file was downloaded on the atrix and booting into 2.3 for the first time (Other custy’s in Que bounced, it was the end of the night and I was def not going to send the young man on his way without a atrix without gingerbread). Booted. Sweet,  im playing round with a 2.3 atrix, the ugly motoblur crap looking more like a real version of android, while its white menus looked like a Sony-Ericsson device, booo!

My pictures still don’t work says the young man! I clicked the boys data button and told his mother that picture messaging will not work without data and she should consider upping his data plan to the $25 2gig plan… Cheap ass ppl, send him out cutting the neighbors lawns to make up the extra 10 bucks a month. Its been two weeks, you should know by now that At&t did not give you an option with its 15 dollar data plan, it only made it to shut cheap ass whiny ppl up.. “Have fun with your 2.3 atrix little buddy!” as I send the customers on their way. Had a few customers walk but my only regret is not taking pictures/video of the whole ordeal.

So there you have it, you can update your junk to 2.3 and not have to worry about plugging it into your computer… Congrats, have your poorly photo-chop of a atrix and some gingerbread man’s lols.



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