Netflix on Galaxy S, still not working.

Yes, if you are rocking a Samsung Galaxy S device in the US, your wait for the Netflix app is finally over. Unfortunately it does not work.. You can download the application yourself from the Android market, but chances are that after you install it and login, it will force close without warning.

So what is the fix? Haha.. You can head over to the XDA thread and try to figure it out, buy will end up dissapointed. The apk’s floating around will either not work whatsoever, or let you actually login but give you the infamous 1005 error when you try to stream a video. If you are looking for a device compatibility list on xda, it simply reads this, “The Netflix compatibility list has been removed due to the numerous mods, versions, and patches concerning the apk. Every user, for one reason or another, has different experiences between the apps. The list can no longer be used as a simple “working/not working” list and because of all this… it is gone.” So it looks as if us Galaxy S users are left to wait once again until Netflix can bless us with a properly working app.

Until the day. Maybe one of the devs can figure a solution for us, but it looks as if the app itself is just finicky and must be resolved by netflix. If anyone has any info regarding the matter, please comment below.


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