T-Mobile dropping prices for smart phones!

Good lord, another reason to love you some T-mo besides the cute girl in the TV adverts (God Im in love with that girl). The pink corner is dropping hammers on these fools. As of today, Wednesday 07/20/2011, you will be able to get your hands on a smart phone for $59.99 a month. same plan as the previous $79.99 individual plan, Unlimited talk, text and data… Now just $59.99… Yup, took $20 off your bill. Now although this plan is going to have unlimited data, the company will throttle you to 2g speeds once you surpass 2GB in a single month, whatev. Lets just take a quick look at what this looks like vs. the competition.

Yes indeed, this is a big price gap between the carriers for unlimited talk, text and a data allotment. Now most people dont care for unlimited talk plans. Most people now of days look for the smallest min package, so in the grand scheme of things, the actual price varience between the carriers would look smaller to the average consumer. Lets face it, in the beginning of times, people wanted the plan with the most minutes. Then text messaging came along, people started to call less and wanted that unlimited text package. And that is where we are today, everyone need a small amount of mins every month but pretty much need unlimited texting. As of for data, the average smart phone user (which consists of 95% of them), only uses 600-800MB of data from the networks. So lets look at real world numbers.

And it can get cheaper with t-mobile if you really want to.

So, I guess that’s that. The next cheapest option is Virgin mobiles $35 plan (300 mins, no night and weekend) and $45 plan (1200 mins, no night and weekend). But virgin mobile has some stinkin service, dropping calls left and right, SLOW data speeds(poor reuse of spectrum/overloading network) and limited to sprints network footprint. Now although Tmo has a history of poor service, think about this. Tmobile understands that it has poor indoor coverage, that it precisely why almost every phone they sell has wifi calling. Tmo’s footprint is not very big, but at least you can still roam on at&t’s gigantic network for free. So the only down fall is that you are limited to data coverage as they only service populated areas. This means you cant check your email or watch youtube while your on your camping vacation in the middle of the forest somewhere… deal with it.

So I for one surely hope the att/tmo deal does not do through, Tmo has been given the american people a cheaper option, although slightly less reliable service, for who know how long. Since they bought out Voicestream years ago. Now of days while the other three companies are milking people for more and more with more bogus charges appearing on thier bills (Sprints $10 4g fee for no 4g service fee anyone?), Tmobile is giving us what we all want, lower prices. I would rather see the government buy Tmo before SBC/Cingular* ahem, I mean at&t got their hand on it.

So go pick up that smart phone you wanted, its a great company to get service from. And now T-mobile should be a no brainer since its way cheaper.



Tmobile has way way better call quality to boot. GSM is far superior to CDMA when it comes to clarity and the amount of droped calls. Trust me, I sell phones for a living, every carrier and have been for the past 11 years.





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