Android on HP Touchpad

Android on HP Touchpad


So now that all of you have recklessly sped off to bestbuy to pick up your 99 dollar HP Tochpads after the company killed the Damn thing, you played around with it, checked the browser performance, checked out the app market, played angry birds for exactly 30 seconds and looked about the tablets settings. Then you most likely googled “android touchpad/rom/xda” etc. this is why you are most likely here.

To get to the point, it looks as if there is no android port yet, but not to say that there are not devs working on it right now. The first link in google you clicked on like (like myself) landed you at xda forums where people were constantly posting that they would donate to the devs that worked a port out. So ladies and gents, no android on the touchpad yet. Take care of your devs on this one.

Think about it for a sec, 100 dollar tablet. Give 100 bucks each to the devs for a proper, stable port of android with long term support and you have yourself a badass android tab for 200 bucks. Bestbuy alone had 270,000 touchpads when the liquidation hit and sold them all within a few hours. With a 2.7 million dollar market to be had, the benefits are both for the consumers and devs alike. Devs make proper roms with years of support, make tons of cash and consumers get something more useful than a web browser they use while sitting on the can.

But its just an idea. You never know, the devs that make the thing happen may just do it for free, they have good character and have been doing it for free for since the whole smartphone/tablet thing began. The Touchpad has a great processor, it would be a shame not to run android on it. Drivers are most likely going to be the issues, so anyone out there that can help out with the matter, you know where to post, xda.

Regardless of how good webOS may be, I am thinking I would even have 2.2 on the thing if the resolution were supported (1024×768). Even if it is a ploy by HP to get brand awareness and consumer/developer support, androids dalvik and fragmentation to all hell would still be preferable imho.

So there you go, no android just yet for your touchpad.

This post was written on my brand spanking new 100 dollar HP tochpad, wootwoot.



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