Another reason webOS sucks

Just a quick reminder, android on the touchpad will be the best thing to happen to the device. Even if its a half baked, unstable port (maybe a little too far). So for all the webOS fans out there, don’t go flying off the handle when I say this, as I have good reason. Just to reiterate, the only usefulness that this thing really possesses is that it has a screen that is bigger that your smartphone and it has a web browser. That’s it.. Its a shame not to utilize the processor in these things.

What should a consumer expect when purchasing a portable device? Most consumers do not have the slightest clue what they are buying when they walk in to their local bestbuy, all they really want to do with these tablets is to browse the web, facebook, check their email and play angry birds. Wifi is a given, an app store with at least the option of basic apps to aid functionality should be a given, because that is where the power is.

So on to my fudge with the touchpad.

Bluetooth. It has standard protocols just like anything else, so what was HP thinking when it decided that the only phone that you could pair with it was another webOS device? That is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, almost as ridiculous as some of the crap apple pulls. I can see the desire to do so, as the company wants to sell phones as well, but it really struck me when I was like WTF, why isn’t my phone pairing with this ugly cumbersome tablet?


touchpad bluetooth

Now I know that I should have done the legwork and did my research before buying, I knew a thing or two about the thing as I work in the tech industry, but like 98% of people who own a touchpad, I bought it for a cool 99 bucks when the liquidation sale hit. I picked one up, and in my mind, worse case scenario I would be left with a 99 dollar web browser I could use while sitting on the can. I do like the web browser btw, it works as it should, no complaints.

Not providing proper bluetooth functionality is a insult really. On a device that they were originally trying to sell for 500 bucks, one would not think twice about te capability of bluetooth. Questioning the functionality of bluetooth is understandable when you are looking at that cheapo $20 ear piece. That’s about it, bluetooth has standards, messing around with a stack because you are trying to sell your other products, that’s just sales tactics grime.

Although the whole touch to share thing is a neat idea, HP was also mistaken when it thought it could sell the Veer along side it. Once I first layed eyes on that phone, I immediately thought of the Microsoft’s Kin. Even if it ran android, iOS, windows or some operating system straight out of star trek, I would still not buy it. You would have trouble typing on that thing if you had fingers the size of a newborn baby. I own a android phone for a reason, functionality. If I had bought the touchpad for that original 500 bucks and came to find that I could only make bluetooth transfers from my phone if it were a veer, I would have returned it and would never buy a HP product again. Dare ye the man that tries to force something on me.

So for now, until there is a proper port of android, my 99 dollar tablet will remain next to the crapper where it is actually useful.



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