Galaxy S2 U.S. release! Still not here!

Official att galaxy s2, sprint epic 4g touch, tmobile hercules

So all the big guys are at Samsung’s Galaxy SII release party in New York. The articles on the giant tech sites have already been posted. Some are excited, some are unimpressed. Here is the skinny.

The devices announced today are Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch, at&t’s Galaxy S II and T-mo’s phone which its name is still unannounced. The T-mo version wil, either be named Hercules or just plane jane Galaxy S2. You cannot buy any of them yet. Sprint will start selling on september 16th and the other 2 carriers are unconfimed. “Few weeks” and “this fall” is what we are hearing.

All three phones will be packing Samsung’s dual core Exynos processor clocked at 1.2ghz. If you don’t know, the Exynos chip has a Mali 400 gpu. 1GB of ram just like the international SGS2′s.

The at&t version is almost exactly the same as the international sgs2 so the screen is the same size. The screen’s on Sprint’s ans T-mo’s versions will be 4.52 inchers. Super Amoled Plus for them all. This means no pentile for any of them. Although the 800×480 resolution is not as high as some other phones, it is still leaps and bounds better to look at then tn lcd and ips panels. Once you go amoled you won’t want to go back.

Same deal, 8mp cameras in back, front facing cameras for video chat, sprint’s epic touch will have a slightly larger battery, T-Mobile’s phone will most likely have a larger battery too, but this is unconfirmed as the phone at the PR is in a big glass box so noone can touch and confirm.

No ice cream sandwich, nothing really special about them other that they will be here in the U.S.

My opinion? Not very impressed at all, with such the long wait I was hoping for at least the 1.5ghz clock that was rumored. By the time the gsm carriers announce the special day, it might be logical just to wait a few more for the nexus prime. That is unless when T-Mobile announces, it will it’s “Hercules” will have that 1.5ghz chip. All in all, the SGS2 is still an awsome phone, better than anything in the states and I’m glad to finally have them here. I might have to wait for the Nexus Prime tho.



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