Powermat’s fantastic little battery. Power!

So are you just getting by with your smartphones battery life? I am, and depending on the day, if I sense that my phone may die by days end, I am always on the lookout for some sort of power source to plug into if just for minutes so I can get thu to bed time. Yes it stinks but what can one do. Like many of you out there, I am not willing to go back to a dumb phone with great battery life or even a blackberry, ever. As of for those gigantic replacement batteries with the gigantic ugly battery covers? lols.

First things first, if you have not mastered the art of your power outlet/usb port charging algorithms and cannot get through the day without your smartphone dying, you do not deserve a smartphone at all. Like previously stated, I have indeed mastered this skill. I have my galaxy S clocked at a constant 1.2ghz (that means always, 1.2ghz minimum) and can get 16 hours of normal to heavy use on a regular basis before the phone starts warning. Never a prob because I always am around some sort of power source, but what about those unexpected adventures? Or long rides on the airplanes? Most of the time there is nothing to look at while at altitude because apparently pilots like to fly though never ending clouds. Duh, preloaded battery killing movies, duh, thats wut fones are for.. duh.

Powermat’s dual 1850 external battery pack is the answer. The powercube has a charged capacity more than twice the size of any smartphone battery and its compact. From my experience, it holds a full charge if let to sit unused for weeks, charges pretty much any portable gadget now of days and with plenty of juice to spare. For the half year I have owned mine, it has dependable, reliable and proved its versatility with just its appleish 30 pin and micro usb connections. the 30pin is spring loaded and can be pressed in flush with the small pack so it is not sticking out all the time. The micro usb wraps around and fits snugly in its socket when not in use for a nice, clean, rounded finish. It can also be charged with any micro-usb charger if your not all that impressed with the actual wireless charging mat. Take my word for it, this thing is extremely portable and handy.

  • Catch plane rides and would like to watch Episode one for the thousandth time? The Powermat battery has you covered.
  • Weekend excursion to northern Wisconsin to drink lots of beer with friends and play around in the woods? No prob, will keep your phone going for days just in case you cause yourselves some sort of life threatening injury.
  • Young fire breathing college student that likes to destroy your liver on the weekends? Why is your phone dead at 3:17 in the morning when you only received a few dozen phone calls in the middle of a loud club while you repeated the futile attempts to exchange any type of information other than I’LL CALL YOU IN A MIN! When the bar kicks everyone out, all the young ladies with the dead cell phones will be so omg super duper grateful you let them borrow your battery for a few. Omg we all got split up you just totally saved my life..
  • Or maybe you are just the type that disappears for a few days with someone and constantly rely on gps because you are just too hammered to understand any type of directions whatsoever. With the Powermat Power! Dual 1850 Cell Phone Battery Backup, your phone will stay charged and you wont miss a beat.

I recommend getting one, with its two 1850mAh batteries and pocket-ability, it has paid for its $50 price tag several times over imho.









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