U.S. Galaxy S II specs! Tmobile Dream 4G!!

SGS2 Win8!


The wait is finally over ladies, Samsung has finally had a proper leak of one of the U.S. Variants of the ever popular Galaxy S2 devices that the world has been blessed with for almost half a year. This may be an exciting time in life for you true geeks, but you are not nearly excited enough. I have seen the presentation for the PR and the device in person, and let me tell you, the processor and the screen are not what they were rumored to be.

The phone in question is the Tmobile Dream 4G (previously referred to as the Hercules). Although not confirmed, At&t’s Attain and Sprint’s Epic Touch will be lacking similar specs. I think I sharted a little when the info hit my brain.

The super-phones will not have the qualcomm part that has been rumored, but Samsung’s very own (and new) h2o chip. The processor will have 4 (you read that correctly), 4 tweaked eagle cores clocked at 1.7ghz, 2 stock Mali gpu’s (albeit a slightly higher frequency), and 2GB of ram… Holy shit, the wait while the rest of the the planet got their grubby hands on the SGS2 was not in vain. Read on.

The screens are also not what are rumored to be. No pentile type this time, true RGB. But not the 480×800 super amoled plus screens some other phones are toting, the screens that these beasts will have have a resolution of 1280×720… Oh good lord thank you Samsung!

The last round, we got 16GB storage, which was sufficient enough for the original galaxy s devices, but with this hardware, no no no, Samsung def has different plans of how we are going to use our phones in the future. These phones are going to be rocking 120GB of storage! How? I don’t know, but I downloaded Linda file manager to verify? and indeed, 108GB was available out of the box.

The Slide showed that you will be able to charge the device from the micro hdmi port while you have it connected to your monitor or HDTV. Out the gate they are to have android 2.3.4 but Ice cream Sandwich will appear by the end of the year. 1st quarter 2012, they will release a large update for those willing to pay for the $49.99 licensing fee. If you do depart from a cool 50 bones, you will be able to dual boot between ICS and Windows 8!!! W..T..F….

Although I can only speculate, if this info reached the ears of Steve Jobs, could this be the reason he stepped down as CEO? Hmmmmmmm.

So Samsung is most likely going to turn the tech world upside down soon, but I have no other information regarding its plans because I turned right side over and woke up. It was just a Dream last night of a “Tmobile Dream 4G”. If you read this far and believed any bit of it, you must own a Apple device. Lol.

On a serious note, the new Samsung galaxy s2 phones we will be getting here in the U.S. will not disappoint. The Press Release has been pushed back a day due to hurricane Irene, so that leaves us with Tuesday. So I will see you all on the web in 2 days with real info and specifications, cause I am in need of some real, enjoyable and helpful content. Hopefully I got the enjoyable bit right with this post.



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