iGoogle gets a visual overhaul.

If you are a user of i-Google, then you most certainly know about the changes that went about this morning (actually this blog was posted like a week or two late, sue me). From what it looks like, Goog has fixed some bugs that plauged i-google for what seems like forever on top of making the whole user interface look cleaner. Above having the options to change the theme, google has now given us a ton of other options when customizing our i-google’s. It did come as a shocker when I hit the refresh button this morning shortly after I woke, but as I have been playing around with it since, I am absolutely pleased with all the changes and fixes.

We now have options aplenty and it is nicely integrated with contacts. If you hit the drop-down on the Home button, it gives you options to edit the left sidebar tab as well as to add more tabs if you like. This is particularly nice because now instead of having all the websites i have feeds for just listed down the tab, I can now group them together by category (tech news, financial news, environment news, political etc.) and name each tab whatever I like. Or you can subscribe to pre-built categories and feeds and have as many of them as you like on the left sidebar, navigating throughout each and back to your home i-google with ease.

Oh good god, this is certainly a RSS feed fanatics dream come true. Shall I reiterate just how ecstatic and pleased I am? You can take each tab, hide its contents, view others, all categorized. It really is like a file system, really, just like any operating system file UI but for your feeds, it is indeed a brilliant and beautiful thing. For all you i-Google users out there, you must check out all the new awesomeness at your earliest convenience, trust me you wont disappointed. I like it so much, I am going to make a super fantastic thingsmicro.com theme.

The extremely usefulness of i-Google is IMHO, not being utilized as much as it should be. Personally, I know of only 1 other that uses i-Google, and that is my roommate because long ago I told him to and showed him how awesome it really is. So all you non i-Goog users out there, go check it out asap, you have no idea what you are missing out. It really changes how you use and search the web, changes how you get your information and ultimately saves you time so you can get away from the screen to do more desirable things with life’s precious moments.

Cheers to Google!


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