Taiwanese power. TRANSFORMER PRIME!!

Transformer Prime

Oh sweet mother Allah baby Jezus Buddha raptor. Asus has just announced the transformer2 aka Transformer Prime! Jonney Shih bust the thing out and left us all shocked and awe’d. I totally thought he was just going to keep plugging his ultrabook, but no no, ASUS FTW, AHHHHH. Bout time this thing  is announced, although we all knew it was coming sooner or later, I had my bets on later. The heart of this beast is Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip, the “five” core part  (one of the cores is left to do mundane tasks) is alive and well even though I quietly speculated to myself that the parts would never ship unless they were lame ducks. Nvidia best have their ducks in a row for this tablet though,  they have to be ready to ship 2 million proper chips by launch day. Asus, I guarantee will have the same issue as the last transformer launch, not enough tablets to go round come day 1 of sales.

Yup, its going to cost 499 bucks instead of 399 but who cares, have you seen the pictures? This tablet is going to have the effect on the tablet market like Samsung’s original galaxyS had on the smartphone market. Call me a liar.. Apple, mount up your lawyers for another bout, as I said before here, a gaming enthusiast company has got you by the balls. Let me reiterate, a gaming enthusiast company has you by bawlz. Follow along and find out why, there are important bits to back up my claim of course.

Why it’ll rock some socks.

Well first off, the tablet is going to be 8.3mm thick, the ipad2 is 8.8mm.But really, who’s counting, the newb looking for status, that’s who. This is just to get ppls attention tho, yes a thin and non-cumbersome tablet is desirable, but definitely not a deal breaker. But nowadays its got to be, Apple has set the bar for form factor, it’s gotta be skinny. Asus, right behind Samsung, has delivered.

Tegra3, yup, Nvidia’s over hyped quad core chip is going to get the job done right this time. Let me give you a history lesson on why this is going to be the chip to beat. The tegra2 chip, although it is a great chip in its own right, It has one major shortcoming, it does not have ARM’s NEON instruction. NEON is a instruction set for the decode of video/audio, something that alot of SOC’s did in the past. Now that tegra3 will have this, you will never have to worry about what format and resolution your pirated movie is, the Transformer Prime will blow through anything you throw at it, and with ease.

Don’t forget, its a quad core, windows 8 is going to run on this type of hardware and we all know what that means. Tablets will now have a viable transitional phase to the corporate world. I hope you have stock in OtterBox.

Honeycomb is to Eclair as Ice cream Sandwich is to Froyo. Although Google is about to break its promise about releasing the source code for ICS, it matters not to Asus. Even though not releasing ICS code would literally be one giant dumb ass mistake by Goog, Asus has Microsoft to fall back on now. If Google comes to its senses and decides to give us the source code for tablets, all the better. Microsoft may well be a year or two behind the whole touch interface deal, but its got windows, yup, windows, its hard to beat, touch or no touch. Windows 8 has been ported for ARM a long ass time ago if any of you have not been paying attention. The Transformer has a Keyboard dock ppl, Asus will change one button on it and all it has to do is load a dif OS on it, Boom, windows instead of Android. No prob with sell thu.

It is sexier that the ipad2.

Its going to have a GeForce gpu, no the tile based stuff. I don’t care if Nvidia’s chip runs hot as hell, I’m still going to pick up this hot ass piece of hardware asap. Asus has done right by the gaming enthusiast, and now it is in position to make use of that trust from the gaming community. If any of you have been paying attention for over the last 20 years, its the gaming market that shapes the future for all of us in the end, every last bit of tech you have in your life is owed to nerdy ass basement living gamers, call me a liar.. Go ask your computer geek friend, “what’s better, the Transformer Prime or Ipad2?”, the Transformer is better, but you should get the ipad because its still very good and you are not very smart, it is easy to use and with you limited intellect, you will have a better experience.

This post is more so rambling than useful information, but for all you gamers out there, you catch my drift. I could go on and on about why this is a huge step for the 1337 camp, its about time that us true computer guys and gals distinguish ourselves. I have a hard time using the term “geek”, “nerd” and “gamer” because nowadays it ubiquitous with dumb-asses with i-macs and gaming consoles, proud because they can boot Windows in bootcamp or stream 264′s from their PS3.

Until next time.

Hate on my grammar all you want haters.



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