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repost when you find the mistake number picture

can you figure out the mitsake?


Have you come across this “solved” picture on your social network lately? Chances are you have, I’m here to tell you what the mitsake is. But first, a history lesson on the matter.

A long long time ago, in a time when viral pictures, jokes and pranks were distributed by horse and buggy, puzzles like the one poked its ugly head out. Killing peoples time and mental health as they tried to make sense of what mathematical wizardry was behind the mitsake in the puzzle. One of the original email pranks, almost as bad as the goatse… Don’t know what goatse is? Good, chances are that you are too young to know what it is. So whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT GOOGLE “GOATSE”. It would be the biggest mitsake you will ever make, it will suck the youth and purity right out if you.

Back to the number prank, so you can get on with your life. The puzzle has nothing to do with mathematics and has everything to do with perception. As a matter of fact, the same mitsake you seek occurred 4 times since you started reading this post and you probably didn’t even notice. The mitsake is in itself and if you are still dumbfounded, your parents made the mitsake thinking they properly raised you to think critically.

EDIT: For those of you that havent figured it out, “mistake is spelled incorrectly.

EDIT: The part about your parents, I was just playing. Your parents are awesome, go give them a hug.


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