An email to Sen. Herb Kohl regarding the internets (SOPA PIPA)


Mr. Herb Kohl,

I would first like to start off saying that I admire the work that you do. I may not admire all of the decisions you make as my senator, but none the less, I admire the fact that you make the tough decisions that a man in your position must make. You are a senator of my great state of Wisconsin for a reason.

I am a human being, a Wisconsinite, born and raised in this great state,  born and raised in this great country, born and raised to value freedom, born and raised to value peace and honesty, born and raised to understand and value equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I was born and raised to prepare for the future, born and raised to value and enjoy the fruits of my labour, born and raised to never consume too much and never stop learning. I was born and raised to be humble, born and raised to take on challenges and born and raised to be humble when the challenges lost me all the fruits of my labor. I was was born and raised to share with one another, to care for one another, I was born and raised to be cunning, born and raised to take my wins and deal with my losses.

I was born of a Swedish man and a Japanese immigrant who still barely speaks proper engrish. I was raised properly in a extremely poor family, I was raised in one of the country’s worst places to live and or raise a family, the fabulous ghetto’s of Milwaukee’s north side (NORF SIIIIDE!). I have dealt with the hardship and have dealt with my demons, I have learned to grow up and live in a society that is molded by commercialism, big corporations and as effect comes from cause, big government. All at the expense of my health, comforts and freedoms.

I was not born and raised to understand politics, nor to pay attention or understand the ways, rhymes and reasons “important people” make “important decisions” that affect my life. I am a human being, my life has value. I am a citizens of this state, I have my rights. I am an American, I have my freedoms. I know right from wrong.

Yet the only thing that truly reminds me of freedom is that great thing we all call the Internet. Letting the men in suits run amok on this great invention is Un-American. In today’s society, the folks in suits have an abundance of resources to combat their problems, we have science pretty much down to a science (do you know what they are doing at CERN just out side of Geneva?), and the have the monetary means to do so. In no way shape or form does this need to be handled with government, It SHOULD NOT be handled by our government and it is sickening that our government, my government is on the brink of passing these acts into LAW! These people and share holders are already rich, they have their win, media piracy is a problem but they need to deal with their problems and losses just like the rest of us Americans, they need to understand that things without a doubt will change, they need to innovate at pace with the world or be left behind.

If they cannot solve their own problems, why should us TAX PAYERS have to solve their problems for them, why are we paying taxes to our elected officials? To protect out freedoms maybe? Paying taxes to employ our elected officials to make laws that hinder or outright strip the American people from there freedoms and rights seems counter productive to say the least.  The Internet is free, lets keep it that way, let the corporations deal with their issues instead of trading our freedoms for larger earning statements.

I am a constituent and I urge you to reject the Internet Blacklist Bills (PROTECT IP Act in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House).  I am deeply concerned by the danger these bills pose to Internet security, free speech online, and innovation.  The Internet Blacklist Legislation is dangerous and short-sighted, and I urge you to join Senator Wyden and other members of Congress, such as Representatives Lofgren, Eshoo and Issa,  in opposing it.

The Internet

Ron Paul 2012 FTW!


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