ICS working on HP Touchpad (screenshots)

ICS cm9 alpha 0 working great on the HP Touchpad

Dragon, Fly! works great btw.


So for all of you out there that patiently waited for an Ice Cream Sandwich port for your uber cheap $100 HP Touchpad, the wait is finally over. The mighty android developer Dalingrin has finally released the ICS rom to the public. Not only did he just release the rom that he has been working on, but he also released the source code for it. This means that an dev can pick up and improve on top of what he has built. With so much interest surrounding the touchpad and ICS, I would speculate that in the near future we will see alot of roms pop up on Rootzwiki and XDA.

So when I woke up this morning, I was obviously ecstatic when I read the news. Downloaded the .zip file and away I went flashing the thing. Although this is still only ALPHA 0.0, let me tell you, it is impressive. Yes, it still has bugs, but not fullofbugs as the filename suggests. If you are familiar with earlier android builds for the touchpad, you most definitely know of the wifi bug. The wifi bug is still present but the wifi toggle trick still works, not to big of an issue. The camera does not work but does anyone really care? hardware acceleration for video is also not working but im sure the work is being done to sort it out, you must remember, this is only alpha ZERO. There is also a slow battery charge bug, but there already a small zip your can flash to fix it till the next version is released. Fantastic stuff .

Other than these minor bugs, I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the HP Touchpad and these great developers with their great ICS port. The ICS web browser is extremely fast and buttery smooth, the Trebuchet launcher could use some speed tweaks but its faster than most if not all honeycomb tablets. I really dont know what else to say about it, Hit up the link and try it on for yourself. You will most definitely love it. And as always, make sure to give thanks to the devs.

Here are a few screenshots. I will have video in future posts, still saving my pennies for a proper cam.



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