ICS working on the HP Touchpad

Fake Render. For visual purposes only.

Fake Render. For visual purposes only.


A teaser video with android ice cream sandwich was just uploaded to youtube from the user Greentheonly. Same dude that has brought all that android 2.3 to the masses. From the looks of it, the Cm9 port is well on its way and “GTO” says he hopes to have something for us too play with soon.

He mentions in his video that everything is working on the device other than the camera and video playback, and video playback is on the way. Not too shabby for being just about two months since the source code was released. When he booted up the device in the video, it showed a familiar looking boot option screen for those of us that have pushed the origional 2.3 rom to the touchpad. So I would assume that the new rom, when available for download, will be easy peasy to install via clockwork recovery.

The trebuchet launcher looks to be working smoothly, angrybirds looks to play smoothly, along with ICS’s silky smooth browser and live wallpapers. But dont take my word for it, take the link to the video. Also dont forget to thank and thumbs up the fine gentleman for all his hard work.


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