Apple announces an Android phone

Today is iPhone day, and the company just finished announcing all its features in todays keynote. The post title? Apple announces an Android phone? I know its misleading but the features announced today had Android written all over it. Here are a list of the iPhone 5′s vague specs.

  • Apple A6 processor “2x faster”
  • 7.6mm thick (18% thinner)
  • 112 grams (20% lighter)
  • 4″ screen (136×640) 16:9 aspect ration, 326 ppi
  • LTE (they were very keen on not saying “global”)
  • Dual band wifi (2.4+5Ghz)
  • New 8 pin “Lightning” connector
  • iOS 6
  • 8MP camera (now has panorama feature!)
  • 3D maps with satellite imagery (like Google only better!)
  • GPS

The new iPhone is definitely still one of the most polished, if not the most polished phone that will one can own, but the announcement of the iPhone 5 seems to be nothing revolutionary. 4in screens have been around forever, 16×9 has been around forever and the new software features that were highlighted were nothing remotely groundbreaking. These features have bee very popular on android phones for a very long time. Applications that are not designed for the 16×9 aspect ratio will not scale with the new screen, applications will have black bars on either side until the developers update their apps for the larger screen. Is this type of polish we should be expecting from Apple?

It is nice to see that Apple is taking the camera seriously. A faster camera that takes better pictures is always welcome. The new reversible 8 pin connector cool, but everything else just seems to be a rehash of features available on android phone manufactures.

I am looking forward to seeing the actual specs of the New A6. It was said that it is twice as fast as the A5 which puts it into either quad core territory or cores based on ARM’s new a15 architecture. If the A6 is indeed built off of a15 architecture it will be amazing. The most reasonable conclusion I can come to though is that the chip remains a9 based and that is is using Samsungs smaller 32nm manufacturing process with higher clocks speeds.Who knows what GPU hides inside that results in “the first phone with console like graphics”.

A word on the Lightning connector. I like it, it would have been better if it used mag-safe tech but none the less, it reversible and that’s cool. Apple just solved the problem people have had with USB since the beginning of time, struggling to plug it in the right way (you all know what I mean). They must be planing on this connector being around for a long time though and I think it was the wrong move. I am already looking forward to phones with magnetic induction charging, NFC and WiFi direct. The future is not having to plug anything in at all, you just plop your phone on a pad, your car radio or your speaker dock. Nokia demonstrated this last week. This is the future, not a rehashed micro USB solution.

So what did we all just see today? A device that looks good, with more Android like hardware features. New software features that resemble those of current android features and a new dock connector. No NFC, no magnetic induction charging, just a new dock connector so Apple can squeeze more money out of you.

That said, my opinion is that this is going to be a tough sell for Apple. With Android 4.1 aka jelly bean out in the wild and better spec’d devices already out on the market, I think iPhone users will take a second look at the competition. Although there are people who absolutely love Apple products, there are still alot of folks that want the best devices money can buy and I don’t think the iPhone 5 is it. Apple will still sell a ton of course, but now-a-days the iPhone looks like nothing more than “your moms phone”.

We are headed into the holiday season folks, The next Nexus phone(s) will be here soon and will most likely bring even more enhancements to Jelly Bean. WP8 will also be here by the holidays and most likely Blackberry 10 too. There are going to be a slew of iPhone spanking devices to choose from so why not wait?Im betting that we will see phones built with S4 Pro’s and Samsungs 5250 a15 chips, way better screens and cameras, NFC and wireless charging. Why do I think so? There are already better spec’d phones out in China that cost 300 some odd dollars OUT OF CONTRACT! We should all be expecting the flagships that is the nexus brand to be even better.



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