Theming Android the easy way.

Easy android themes

Theming Android is super-duper easy.

Since the beginning days of android, people have praised the OS for the ability to customize its look, feel and function. The ability to customize, it was the greatest, single feature that separated it from Apples iOS. In the early days, lots of people did just that; customized their home screens, customized menus, the notification bar, icons, the OS itself, device kernels; I could go on and on. Simply put, once the tinkerers got their tinker on (once Google released the source code to the world of course), absolutely everything got customized, and it was good… To say the least, not everyone customized their phones, so lets not go there in this post, lets keep it simple.

How to easily theme your android phone, without all the techno mumbo-jumbo.

What I have here is a Nexus4, it’s built with some of the best hardware the world can manufacture,  runs the best OS that Google can write, it’s cheaply put together to hit that price point of 299 and it’s is finally available again on the Play Store. It’s awesome sauce and I can still get it to lag :) . SO!.. you have the new nexus, the old nexus, the GS3, whatever phone, it does not even matter anymore, the icons and UI in general are super ugly and it needs to change. Go search the play store for “launcher” and said launchers “themes”, and “widgets”. That’s it, go do it right now. Here are some links because you are most likely lazy. (The ones I used in the above screenshots).

-Apex Launcher

-Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)

-Minimal MIUI Go Apex Theme

-Tersus (adw go apex theme)

-Metro date uccw skin

-Metro clock uccw skin

Just download these and voila, your phone will be less ugly. Play around with the options Apex Launcher has to offer and you will be well on your way to making your phone exactly what you want it to be. My apex settings are as follows.

-Homescreen settings>Portrait grid>8×6.

-Horizontal margin>None

-Vertical margin>None

-Icon size>120%

-Elastic scrolling>Disabled

-Transition effect>None

-Hide notification bar>Check

-Hide shadows>Check

-Hide icon labels>Check

-Behavior settings>Swipe down>Show notifications

You can play around with it, its not hard to understand. I have been playing with theming for years and this took me no more that 5 mins and this is what I came up with. If you have any questions you can always leave a comment, but once you play around with these apps, you will see just how easy it is now-of-days to make you phone look awesome and your friends duperjelly.

Cheers and viva la resistance.



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