AMD’s HSA APU’s at 14nm


There is a epic battle waging inside your computer tower.
So check this out, AMD just released a marketing video on youtube, pretty cool right? No?

So why am I writing about a video on youtube? Well 1. I am an enthusiast that likes awesome stuff, and 2. I am an investor in companies like AMD. Soooooo, as an investor, I research companies and its competitors blah blah blah. The point I am trying to get to, is that I look for any sliver of information about anything relating to a company, this includes a companys youtubes. The youtube video in question, I beleive, has very important hints about what the companys gameplan is for the future.

I dont think I have to go into detail about the importance of a companies plots and schemes, as its likely that anyone reading this post is either a tech enthusiast or an investor. If you are reading this and are neither a enthusiast or investor, then hopefully you at least like awesome youtubes.

Before I go on about this video in length, lets watch it first. Enjoy.

So that video was pretty cool right? I thought so the first time I watched it. After I watched it, I thought to myself that it was actually pretty clever. The point of the video was that AMD wanted to showcase the battle between itself and Intel. The little guys in suits obviously were AMD cores and The big blue monster they were fighting at the end was an Intel core. I don’t think I have to go into detail about how Intel has superior IPC, but it was refreshing to see AMD embrace this fact in a video that probably cost a small fortune to create. This is all speculation but hats off to AMD anyway.

After coming to the realization why AMD made this video, I wondered what all the gibberish was that was coming from the “computer” and “monsters” mouth. So I played it again and again, pausing and tracking back, trying to make sense of what was being said. What was being said, I found was not very interesting, The monster said “that’s not fair” and the computer said “turbo core activated” or something, nothing really interesting. What I did find interesting was the scene in which this battle took place. AMD plans on taking out Intel with the help of helicopters and light-sabers lol, jk…

The Scene was TRON themed and very cavernous (is this the right word to use?), whatever, it looked like a futuristic Grand Canyon. Then it hit me, this “environment” probably represents the CPU or something along those lines (GPU?). The little blue monsters represented either electrons that leak all over the place, or Intels crappy GPU cores (poor resolution/low triangle) that do nothing but consume system resources (you can see them eating stuff and fighting each-other, disgusting little things). I am not certain, but I would bet that the little blue monsters represented electrons leaking (the beginning of the video they are seen passing though some sort of barrier separating them from a “whitish” environment to the one where all the action takes place). The big crystal mountains they were eating I have no idea about, maybe heat or transistors on the verge of leakage, IDK whatever.

Anyhow, this video had my attention, so I watched it again. Then I saw something! it was “nm”, oh yeah nanometers, love those things (or the lack of them)! The AMD cores H.U.D. had the clockspeed, nm, what looked like GPS cords and a element that looks like a progress bar of the future. And what happened when the guy was falling from the sky? Right around the 14nm mark, the “progress bar” read LOCKED. Oh yeah, 14nm, let me tell you a story about 14nm.


So Intel has made clear that they will have 14nm parts next year, it is part of the tick-tock model that has made them sucsessful beyond beleif for the past decade. Every year they either have a archetecture change or a manufacturing shrink. This year (2013), the had a archetecture change at 22nm, next year they will have a shrink the same archetecture to 14nm. AMD literally has been left in the dust by intel. AMD finally has 28nm parts but only the small cores are manufactured at this size. The big parts they litterally just anounced like yesterday are still going to be manufactured on a 32nm process, this is not good. On top of all that, there is word around the web that Gloflo, which will start mass producing parts at 14nm next year, cannot make parts for AMD for both technical and physical reasons alike. Everyone will be at 14nm next year, not just Intel, But there has been no word whatsoever when and if AMD will make it to 14nm. The sake of the company depends on it, it simply will not be able to compete with intel if it does not reach 14nm.

Back to the video. So Yeah, the guys helmet H.U.D. said it was “LOCKED” when it reached 14nm, is this a sign for things to come? As the video progressed, towards the end of the fight with the big blue monster, the H.U.D. read 1nm, the computer then said HSA activated, the guys merged their ligh-sabers together into light-whips and they whipped the big guy and pulled him apart by each limb. Epic shit (im a sucker for epic shit btw, always have and always will be).

I have wondered for sometime when AMD will reach 14nm and who will make the parts for them. It is important that it does, if not Intel at 14nm will shit all over them. Like I said, next year the world will be at 14nm (well sort of, 14nm/20nm) right around the same time as intel, and there is no word of 14nm for AMD. Does this video tell the story of AMD meeting Intel at 14nm? Is AMD holding its cards close to its chest about 14nm and did it just expose it in this expensive video? Has AMD stuck a super secretive deal with a fab to manufacture its wares for 14nm the same time everyone else reaches it? Importany questions indeed.

As of for the the “1nm” in the video, This is my take on it. Although I thought it was physically impossible for transistors to reah 1nm (although I could be wrong as I am no scientist), The 1nm symbolizes, that no matter how far Intel shrinks its processors, in the end, the best archetecture wins. In this case it is HSA (comuter says “HSA optimized”). In the end, HSA is what will enable AMD to beat Intel, It does not matter how many IPC’s the core has (the BIG blue monster), in the end HSA wins.


Just a few days ago, Intel released its state of the art (haswell), 22nm, finfet, crystalwell, 128MB level 4, 47watt, low power, $700 parts.

In terms of graphic performance and Gflops, Intels state of the art part barely beats AMD’s anchient (Richland), 32nm, planar (no finfet), non HSA, 100 watt, $150 part.

With IPC, intel dominates by leaps and bounds but barely wins with graphics and Gflops. Intels manufacturing lead cannot be more apparent, 22nm finfet is the shit.

AMD’s HSA will also be the shit, Point being, Intels Haswell part with crystalwell should compete with AMD’s Kaveri, not the super old and busted tech of Richland. 28nm Kaveri with HSA (which should be around $2-300 bucks), will litterally wipe the floor with Intels $700 haswells with crystalwell. Could you imagine if next year, Intel no longer had a manufacturing lead? Blown away, period, I dont care how much power haswell or silvermont will save being at 14nm. HSA at 14nm would just blow intel the f**k away.

So in conclusion, as a enthusiast, this video is important because it gives me hope that HUUUUGGGGE leaps in performance could be just a year away, AAAANND with a cheaper pricetag.

As an investor, this could mean a total shift, like 360 degree shift in the market caps of intel (130B) and AMD (3B). If AMD meets Intel at 14nm, it will mean I will move from being broke, to being retired within 2 or 3 years.

So yeah This is why I am writing a post about a companies marketing video on youtube.


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