OUYA was so last year. Enter Project M.O.J.O.


We all know what OUYA is, it’s that small, cheap, Android based gaming console that recently started shipping and everyone has already forgot about. You know the cheap console that everyone reported as having poor build quality and piss poor performance. Yes OUYA. Beyond its many shortcomings, OUYA was a big move for the gaming industry. It marked the first real attempt to bring Android into the living-room as a gaming console and media entertainment center.  With the momentum behind Android it really makes sense, Android dominates the smartphone market and in turn consumers are eating up all the content that the content providers can dish out; There is a need for a console like device in the living-room that runs android.

Over the last few years, smartphone manufacturers have seen the writing on the wall of Android needing to be on the TV. Think of all the futile attempts manufacturers have conjured up, Micro HDMI, MHL adapters, Miracast etcetera, whatever. The need for a all- in-one living-room entertainment device is paramount, period. Think of all the things that you purchased from Google Play. All your movies, apps, games and music. These things need to be hooked up to your home entertainment center, there is a huge value in getting Android on the TV. Still, none of the manufacturers attempts have gained footing at the very least. Something needs to be plugged in to the TV and this is where the OUYA stepped in.

Side note. Think about the move Microsoft is making with the Xbox One. At the Xbox unveiling, there was little talk about gaming, it was all about TV (we have all seen the Youtube (TV, TV, TV, TV, TV!!! ARRGGHHH!!)). Obviously gamers are hating the mess out of the Xbox One at this point for many reasons, but the fact of the matter is that entertainment outside of gaming is just as important as gaming itself. Microsoft made the decision, that the best way into the living-room was to make the Xbox the “One” device for the entire family. It is impressive and I will most likely be buying one. Make no mistake, I am in no way attempting to promote the console in any form or fashion. Microsoft needs to pay me to do that lol.

Thats right, I ended a paragraph with a lol, sue me..

Back to the OUYA and getting Android into the living-room. The hype around OUYA was huge, but all that happened when OUYA hit the water was that it made a big bellyflop splash and nothing else. It was a big disappointment that literally fell apart when you unboxed it, everyone’s reaction was that “they will get it right the second time”.  So the media has not talked about OUYA since.

Project M.O.J.O is what OUYA should have been but far superior (I hope). There is a real company out there that is working on Android device for the living-room and hopefully it will fill the gap of finally getting Android onto your TV.

Mad Catz (NYSE: MCZ) is the company that wants to deliver Android to your flatscreen. Mad Catz is the company behind the modular, precise, extremely adjustable mice that PC gamers drool over. Mad Catz is nothing more than a gaming perephrial company, they make controllers, mice, keyboards and headphones (Triton). Mad Catz is even in the market of high-end, precision aviation simulation peripherals. Point being is that this company makes high quality stuff.

So Mad Catz will be making a android based gaming console. Android needs to get into the living-room and the company is planing on the being the one to finally delivers it with Project M.O.J.O. Project M.O.J.O. will most likely be based around a Nvidia (NYSE: NVDA) Tegra4 SOC, I cannot say this with 100% certainty, but by judging what the C.E.O. of Mad Catz said in its latest earnings call, Project M.O.J.O. will be the most powerful Android gaming device. This is what was said.

Next week at E3, the electronic entertainment expo in Los Angeles, we will unveil the centerpiece of our GameSmart initiative called project M.O.J.O. Like everything else we do, M.O.J.O. is all about performance.

M.O.J.O. is a android micro console configured to extract the maximum horsepower from an android device to deliver the best gaming experience. It’s basically a supercharged smartphone, with no screen, that plugs into your flatscreen TV and is designed to interact seamlessly with our GameSmart controllers, mice, keyboards and headsets; In fact the entire ecosystem of gaming products. We also want M.O.J.O. to be a truly open platform. People are already comfortable buying games from Google Play, Amazon, TegraZone or any other retailer of their choice. They play those games on their phones and tablets already, and with M.O.J.O., they will be able to play them in the living-room at no additional cost. The same approach applies to movies, music and any other digital media. Our focus is on products providing the best hardware configured for performance, not forcing people to buy content from us.

That’s right, Darren Richardson said “TegraZone”, he actually dropped “TegraZone” a few times in the conference call. On top of the recent announcements about Mad Catz peripherals being compatible with Tegra powered devices, this is the main reason I believe that Tegra4 will power M.O.J.O. It makes sense, Nvidia is in desperate need of a Tegra4 design win and if the rumors are true that the chip is power hungry and runs hot when allowed to, a micro-console would be a no-brainier. Can you imagine a cheap, low binned Tegra4 with a heatsink that plugs in your wall? You could clock the mess out of it and not think twice.

Darren said that they will be unveiling M.O.J.O. at E3 next week. You can count on Nvidia promoting the mess out of their new design win with much fanfare; You can also count on Mad Catz promoting how its GameSmart devices will finally break the mold and be compatible with all the platforms, Xbox One, PS4, PC’s, Macs, M.O.J.O. or any other Android device. Its a win-win for both companies and a win for consumers. If they can get these things under $150, with content from the big streaming providers, these things will sell like hotcakes, like millions if not 10′s of millions.

That being said, I look forward to E3 and I look forward to getting some M.O.J.O. into my living-room.



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