AMD R9 290 and 290X Prices Leaked?

AMD Tweet 790 and 790x price


Straight to the point ppl, earlier today one of AMDs social networkers (@AMDRadeon) tweeted in promotion that the availability  to pre-order computers built with 290 and 290X GPUs were live via CyberpowerPC. The link in the tweet directed to this page and only displayed the price of the entire system, which costs $2,169 but not the price of the GPU itself.

Funny story, seeing how CyberpowerPC lets you configure PC’s to your liking, I went ahead and clicked the “customize” button. Low and behold, I scrolled down to see how much it would cost to add a 2nd or 3rd GPU to the machine and they were priced $650 for an additional R9 290 and $835 for a extra R9 290X. Look see at the screenshot below.


CpberpowerPC 290 pricing


So what does this tell us? Well probably not the actual prices of the GPUs as CyberpowerPC marks up parts a considerable amount to help make up for the actual build costs. What we do know is that for higher-end cards, the company typically charges $100+ more for cards compared to what you can find on Newegg. So does this mean that we are going to be looking at $550 for the 290 and $735 for the 290X? Those prices would be reasonable in my opinion as the 290x is said to edge out the $1000 Titan and the 290 should fair in similar fashion when overclocked. These may very well be the ball park figures for the GPUs so get your wallets out.

I hate the saying “take it with a grain of salt”, but yall need to do just that. It would make me a happy man if the prices were $450-500 for the 290 and $600-650 for the 290X, but that seems like a stretch. I would bet that the launch prices will be somewhere between my “happy man” prices and the prices Cyberpower has listed on the site. Either way, these Hawaii GPUs will be baller shiz all while being significantly cheaper than Nvidia’s 780 and Titan. So that’s that, if anyone has any input on the subject, you know where to comment.



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