Start mining Litecoin with your gaming PC


Make your gaming PC pay for itself.

Have a Gaming computer? Want to know the easiest way to mine Litecoin? Well you have come to the right place, this is the easiest (and most reliable (trust me reliability is important)) way to start mining Litecoin with your gaming PC!

What we are going to be doing today is putting a OS (Linux) onto a USB drive, simple as that. Once you boot for this USB drive, it will automatically start mining. There are two reasons that we are not going to be mining from with windows. First reason is that your computer is so laggy when mining that your computer is pretty much useless when mining and 2, Linux is much more stable than Windows.

Any time you want to mine, say for instance before you go to work or go to sleep, all you have to do is boot from USB and walk away. When you come back from work or wake up, you will have coins. Simple, right?

So this is what you need.

1. Your gaming PC
2. You need to join a pool, right here. (Go do it, right now).
3. A spare jump drive, 2GB or larger.
4. You need to download and install Win32 Disk Imager, right here.
5. You need to download the OS, right here.
6. Last but not least, go download the Litecoin wallet and install it. Here.

I will assume that you have a gaming PC and a jump drive already, if you don’t, go get them!

First things first, now that you have downloaded and installed your Litecoin wallet, you need to get your address and let it sync the block-chain. When you run your wallet it will automatically start syncing, it will take a long time the first time you start it up so dont worry if something is broken or not.

Next click on the “receive” button in your wallet, when you see something like this “LNxsp1gtmNHQHGA8j3KxPPMY2pRy4RDkTB” you have found your litecoin address. Copy your address and head over to LTCrabbit (the pool where you just registered). After you log-in, click “my account” and then “account settings”. When you are on your account setting page, paste your address into the field that reads “payment address”, click save/update settings.

Now you need to make a worker, if you are still logged into ltcrabbit, click “my account” and then “my workers”. When on the my workers page, where is says “new worker”, you will see your username followed by a user and password field. You can make your user and password whatever you like, but for the sake of simplicity, name the user “darth” and the password “vader”. Don’t worry, your workers password does not have to be secure, only the password you use to log into LTCRabbit needs to be secure. Click “add new worker” after you type in darth and vader for your user and pass.

So now you should see your first worker! It should say “whateveryourusernameis.darth”, password is “vader”, active with a thumbs down icon so on so fourth. This is important, “whateveryourusernameis.darth” and “vader” is what you are going to have to use in a couple steps.

Now, Plug your jump drive into a free USB port.

Kk, you know that thing you just downloaded and installed named “Win32 Disk Imager”? Run it. Once this is running, you want to click the little folder icon and search for wherever you saved  ”SMOS-LTCRabbit-Edition-V2 (1 GB)” and select it. Next to the little folder you should see a drive letter, this should be your jump drive. If its not your jump drive, choose your jump drive. Once you have chosen the image and the drive, click “write”.

Go get a beer cause this could take a few mins.

All done writing? good, next you need to boot your gaming machine of the USB drive. If you don’t know how to boot from USB, find the model number of your motherboard and go Google how to.

OK, a minute or so after you booted off your USB drive, you should be on the desktop. You will know if you are, the desktop background is a picture of a rabbit. First thing you want to do is double click the file on the desktop named “stop mining” (guess what this does). Next open the file named “cgminer.conf”, this is also on the desktop. This is the file that you will be putting in all your worker info, fist thing you want to do is Replace “yourusername.workername” and “password” with your worker credentials. Make sure to keep the quotation marks and save the file.

If your PC has a AMD 7950 video card, you are all set and you can click the “start mining” button on the desktop and you will be mining Litecoins! If you don’t have a 7950, you will have to change the settings in cgminer.conf to suit your card. To find your video cards settings, go look for them here and input those settings to your .conf file. Save the file once you have done this and all you have to do is restart mining!

If you still need help setting up the cgminer.conf file to work properly with your video card? Click here.


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