The Universe and you.

Ever sit back and look at the night sky and wonder what all that brilliance means? I’m not just talking about the different stars or other heavenly bodies our eyes can see, I mean what does this amazing environment teach us about what we are as a species. How does all the vast expanses of matter and the laws of physics play a part in our everyday lives? Humans have always asked these and other questions and has led time and time again to drive our quest for a better understanding of it all. As we learn as much as we can about the world and space around us it only feeds our hunger for a more complete picture of what we really are. This need drives the ever evolving world of technology to learn about the universe and our place in it.

What is theSkyNet?

In a nut shell theSkyNet is a collaborated effort between ICRAR (a joint venture of Curtin University and The University of Western Australia) and UK-based eMedia Track, with support from Western Australia’s Department of Commerce and Systemic, a Perth based IT company. They aim to provide the raw computer power from various current and future radio telescopes. The vast amounts of data collected is too large to economically do by a stand alone super computer, and with constant improvements in each generations radio telescopes that data will continue to grow. This is where we, the average home PC user, come in. By joining theSkyNet you help supply the computing power needed to sift through the vast amounts of data generated each day. It’s all based on cloud computing and is designed to use only the spare process power of anyone’s computer. It’s safe as it runs inside of a Java based sandbox program, is self throttling so it will never inter-fear with normal PC operations, and is set up on a points system to promote use by governing a friendly competition style format. With this individuals can team up in alliances and earn points. It’s just a nice way to see what progress you do while helping us all ultimately learn as fellow humans.

To learn more about theSkyNet and all that it involves CLICK HERE. Alliance

Everyone here at is an active participant of theSkyNet project. We use our own personal computers (as well as a few purpose built machines) to help in the collective effort to “crunch” data with thousands around the world. We welcome all of our readers to join us in our alliance and help earn some bragging rights!! :) Just join theSkyNet project and join us HERE. is currently in 8th place!!

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